Of the Year Nominations

Howell Public Schools Accepting Nominations for Teacher and Support Person of the Year Awards
Posted on 01/25/2024
Graphic for the Howell Public Schools Teacher & Support Person of the Year Awards. The image features a dark purple background with a large golden letter 'H' for Howell at the top left. Below the 'H' is the text 'HOWELL PUBLIC SCHOOLS TEACHER & SUPPORT PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARDS' in bold, capitalized font, with 'OF THE YEAR' in a larger size. The background is sprinkled with golden sparkles. In the foreground, there are three-dimensional golden stars with one large star on the left and a slightly smaller star on the right, both with a glossy appearance, suggesting a prestigious celebration of excellence.Each year, Howell Public Schools recognizes an outstanding teacher and support staff member through its Teacher of the Year and Support Person of the Year awards. Individuals associated with Howell Public Schools (employees, students, parents, and community) are invited to submit nominations for these awards.

Nominees for Teacher of the Year should be exceptionally skilled and dedicated professional staff members (teachers, counselors, etc). They should have a deep knowledge of their students, demonstrate vigorous, creative, and imaginative teaching. The Teacher of the Year nomination form can be found at https://bit.ly/4aZB3NZ.

Nominees for Support Person of the Year should continually go above and beyond to ensure that all students feel respected, valued, cared for, and achieve academic success. Those eligible for the Support Person of the Year award include secretaries, main office clerks, library services coordinators, bookkeepers, computer technicians, non-union support, special needs aides, general education aides, copy clerks, mentors, hall monitor/security, food service, and maintenance employees. The Support Person of the Year nomination form can be found at https://bit.ly/429elPh.

Nominations are due by Friday, February 9, 2024, at 4 p.m. Nominations received after the February 9 deadline will not be considered. If you have questions, please contact Sharin Smith at 517.548.6234.