HPS Teacher of the Year

Northwest Elementary Teacher Named Howell Public Schools Teacher of the Year
Posted on 02/29/2024
Six individuals stand in front of a yellow gymnasium wall, smiling at the camera. They are celebrating the 'Teacher of the Year', as indicated by the large green banner which reads 'Congratulations 2023 - 2024 Howell Public Schools Teacher of the Year Sarah Needham, Northwest Elementary Second Grade Teacher'. The honoree, holding flowers and the banner, is flanked by colleagues - three men and two women. The group appears in semi-formal and casual attire, with name badges and work attire visible.2/29/2024 - Howell Public Schools is proud to announce that Sarah Needham, a second-grade teacher at Northwest Elementary, has been named the 2023-2024 Howell Public Schools Teacher of the Year. With over 23 years of dedicated service within the district, Ms. Needham has profoundly impacted students, staff, and the Howell community through her innovative teaching methods, commitment to excellence, and unwavering advocacy for her students.

Needham received several nominations for this year's award. Each nomination celebrated her dynamic approach to education, consistently finding new and engaging ways to inspire her students and instill a lifelong passion for learning. Her classroom is described as an environment where learning becomes an immersive experience that captivates and motivates her students. One nomination letter states, “Ms. Needham is the epitome of an exceptional educator; her dedication, knowledge, and skill intertwine seamlessly to create a transformative learning experience for her students." In addition to her work at Northwest Elementary, Needham serves on the committee overseeing the pilot and development of the district's new elementary science curriculum.

"Ms. Needham embodies the Howell Public Schools Teacher of the Year award. Her passion for teaching shines through in everything she does," said Erin J. MacGregor, Ed.S. Howell Public Schools superintendent. "Howell Public Schools is honored to have Ms. Needham as part of its educational community. Her dedication not only elevates the standards of teaching and learning within the district but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for current and future educators."

"Our Northwest Eagles soar to greatness thanks to Ms. Needham's positive impact on our school. Her knowledge, caring and positive attitude, and passion for teaching and learning extend well beyond the walls of her classroom and into every corner of Northwest Elementary. Our school, district, and community are better places because Ms. Needham is a part of them," said Craig Munro, Northwest Elementary principal.

A committee of 26 individuals, including teachers, support staff, parents, a central office administrator, a principal, and a school board member, was tasked with selecting this year's Teacher of the Year. Individually, committee members reviewed the support materials for the 117 certified teachers nominated for this year's award. Each committee member then voted for their top five nominees. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, the committee met to review and discuss the top five Teacher of the Year nominees resulting from the initial vote. After discussing the outstanding nominees, each committee member voted for their top three choices. Following the vote, Needham emerged as this year's winner.

Please join the entire Howell Public Schools community in congratulating Sarah Needham on her extraordinary work and dedication to the students of Howell Public Schools. The Howell Board of Education will honor Needham at its March meeting.